Fan Made Cover

Masters!! I got my first fan made cover for Obsession! Yay! ? Thank you Coglione_! I love and appreciate all my readers and fans, so I get so excited when you all send me stuff ☺! Though I know not everyone has the same tastes, be respectful please! Love you all!! Blu
Hi Wonderful Masters, I’ve been trying to work hard to give you all that I’ve promised. Alas, I’ve been busy elsewhere so its taking me some time, but I’m getting it all out to you little by little. With that said, the first five chapter of The Wrong Type of Obsession is posted. This is
Happy New Year My Sexy Masters, I know some of you want to know what the heck I’ve been up to, but during the holidays I’ve been with my family, hanging with my parents and siblings. Couldn’t very well ignore them while I go write smut… ?. Though it was tempting, I couldn’t expose my

Sneak Peek

Masters…? First, I want to apologize for the delay ?. I was trying to have the story posted by now but I hit a few snags:  1. Couldn’t think of a title… Then I ended up with several titles that I liked and couldn’t choose ? 2. Tried to figure out the description…It almost didn’t
Dear Beautiful Readers and Masters, Thank you for finding me and joining me in my taboo journey! I enjoy writing taboo erotica and dark fantasies, both gay and straight. I also like sharing it for others to read. My work is purely fiction and just for your salacious entertainment. I encourage you to read the
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