Method To My Madness
Masters!! The first 5 books have been posted! Enjoy! For those who have been wondering when The Wrong Type of Forever will be posted, give me a couple of weeks. I'm posting them all in order because that way its easier for you to navigate from chapter to chapter without me adding manual page links. If I did that, it would take longer to post this content. So yes, there's a method to my madness. …
15 The Unholy Alliance from Hell
15: The Unholy Alliance from Hell One Year and Two Months Later… "So when are you and Bailey going to do it? I'm ready to be an auntie," Molly said as they watched the game from the box seats where those who could afford it gathered. Molly looked stunning in her flirty black dress and thigh high leather boots. Her hair was swept up in a messy bun accenting her slender neck. It was thanks …
14 The Highest Level of Fear
14: The Highest Level of Fear She didn't know how long she stayed in that hotel room. Her body was so oversexed she could barely move. The only time she left the bed was to use the bathroom. When she finally showered, he was there, holding her up and fucking her. When she ate meals, it was with his dick inside her. She never knew sex could be so torturous. Her body was in heaven …

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DC Blu
DC Blu

Hi Beautiful Master, call me Blu. Once upon a time, called blu_fate on Wattpad, but that’s another story. I write on the darker side of erotic romance. Not too dark. But dark enough. If you enjoy the twisted, the decadent, and the sinful, WELCOME!

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